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Underwater Video Housings for Scuba Diving, Snorkeling, Kayaking, and More

AquaCam HDX Universal Underwater Video Housing

AquaCam HDX Series Video Housings
Universal, Rugged, Reliable, and more Affordable!

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 "I shot another set in my series of underwater adventures in Grand Cayman using my trusty AquaCam video housing."

Hal Ryman

AquaCam HDX Universal Underwater Video Housing

Basic AquaCam HDX - $349
Controls: None - shoot in wide angle, edit later

Mechanical AquaCam HDX - $449
Controls: Universal Record Start/Stop

Electronic AquaCam HDX - $599
Controls: Record, Power, and Zoom
A/V-Remote or LANC/Remote jack required

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Product Description

AquaCam HDX Models/Control Options:

Mechanical AquaCam HDX Video Housing - Rear view Electronic (shown above) - Electronic Control System with penetration-free magnetic switching, providing record start/stop, zoom wide/telephoto, and power on/off for all Sony and Canon camcorders equipped with an A/V-Remote, LANC, or Remote jack.
Mechanical (shown right) - User-adjustable Mechanical Control system that provides record start/stop control on ALL camcorders. Also provides power-on control (from record button) for many Sony camcorders after they power-down (auto-off).
Basic (no controls) - Offers Basic, simple watertight video capability -- just shoot everything in wide-angle and edit it at home on your computer!
Add Controls Later - If you aren't sure about what controls you need, start with a Basic AquaCam HDX and later add the controls according to your actual needs. Adding the Mechanical control is $100 (installed). Adding Electronic controls is $250 (installed).

Universal Camcorder Acceptance - The universal AquaCam HDX video housings can be sized and configured to accept virtually all current camcorders, and most older camcorders up to a maximum size of 4.6+ inches (117mm) High, 4.8 inches (122mm) Wide, and 8 inches (203mm) Long. Shorter housing lengths (down to 6 inches/152mm) are provided for smaller camcorders, according to total camcorder/lens length and selected controls. The HDX series video housings are smaller than ever and LCD viewing ability is optimized for small HD camcorders, and small SD camcorders as well. For camcorders that are too large, or for custom sizing, go to Custom Video Housings. With universal camcorder acceptance, the AquaCam HDX will accept many substitute camcorders and will adapt to future camcorder purchases, providing you with a lifetime of underwater video capability.

AquaCam HDX Universal Underwater Video HousingRugged Construction - The rugged, expedition-grade AquaCam HDX video housings are depth-rated to 200 feet (60m) and can withstand the deep pressures of scuba diving and the pounding waves of whitewater kayaking. They are constructed with a heavy-duty 0.5-inch (12mm) thick plastic shell, two 0.5-inch thick optical-grade cast acrylic ports (front and rear), and stainless steel hardware. The cylindrical shape of the AquaCam HDX provides greater strength under pressure and more underwater stability than any other shape can provide. For added underwater stability and a lower center-of-gravity, a user-friendly Velcro ballast holder is securely mounted to the bottom of the AquaCam HDX housing. It conveniently accepts a standard 2 or 4 lb (1 or 2 kg) slotted dive-belt weight for ballast.

Reliable Design - The reliable AquaCam HDX video housings have No hardware penetrations through the shell and feature a single access-port design which requires only one port seal because the rear port is permanently bonded and sealed. This more than doubles the reliability of the AquaCam HDX over many other video housings which require seals for both the front and rear ports, and seals for any hardware or control penetrations through the shell. Note that housings with more sealed access-ports and shell penetrations are inherently less reliable. For added reliability, the AquaCam HDX video housings are equipped with an X-ring port seal instead of an O-ring. X-ring seals provide two bands of seal compression (double sealing) rather than one band of compression with an O-ring. To help ensure proper sealing, you can visually see and verify the two bands of X-ring seal compression against the lens port when latched, and the safety-lock feature on the latches keeps them clamped-shut and prevents accidental opening.

Features and Specifications

Universal camcorder acceptance

Elevated camera tray optimizes LCD viewing ability for smaller camcorders..

Rugged, heavy-duty construction

Depth-rated to 200 feet (60m)

Reliable, penetration-free, single access-port design

Superior X-Ring seal provides two bands of seal compression -vs- one band with an O-ring. Provides double sealing.

Visual Seal Compression Verification

Safety-lock feature on all latches, to prevent accidental opening

Velcro ballast holder - requires a 2 or 4 lb (1 or 2 kg) standard dive-belt weight, depending on length.

Foam-grip, adjustable, comfortable handles

Low Center-of-Gravity for more underwater stability

Weight: 4.5 - 5.5 lbs (2 - 2.5 kg), depending on length.

Size: 6.6 inches (17cm) diameter. Lengths (internal) vary from 6 - 8 inches (152 - 203mm)

One Year Aquatix Warranty

What some Customers have said...

"My AquaCam video housing has been on close to 300 dives around the world and the miles have taken their cosmetic toll, but the housing still is just what I want and has never had a leak, even with the three different video cameras it has housed. Dingy rides, rocky islands, and the fact that all of our dives have been off sailboats have put the housing to the ultimate test and it has passed with flying colors even 10 years later!"

Dirk Delo
USA-Avid Diver

"I'm back from my trip and I just wanted to say I LOVE my AquaCam housing! It was sturdy, easy to use, and easy to use in the water. I put on a 4 lb wieght on the velcro strip and it worked like a charm. I am very glad I got the housing and I look forward to using it on upcoming vacations"

Nancy Fleming
USA-Sport Diver & Video Professional

"I have been working with your AquaCam housings for the last two years and have had such pleasure doing so, thank you! I am running a BRUV project down in Belize as part of my PhD looking at sharks and other predatory fish species. Thanks again for the great product!"

Mark Bond
South Africa-Marine Life Researcher

"We use your AquaCam Housings and love them!"

Mike McLaughlin
Underwater Videography Training Institute

"Tried the AquaCam housing for the first time, BRILLIANT!!!"

Charles Dewhurst
UK-Sport Diver

Recommended Accessories

Underwater Color-Correction Filters, Spare Lens Ports, Spare X-Ring Seals

Add some AquaCam Accessories to your video housing order and Save money on Shipping when ordering Spare Ports or Seals - just select "With Housing Order S/H" in the Shipping Options for each of these items.

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